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Small mammals are hugely under-represented in terms of research, funding, and conservation action. For many, there is a critical lack of basic ecological knowledge, and some are lost before any research effort can begin.

From hamsters to hedgehogs and shrew-rats to true rats, small mammals are in trouble – at least 572 species are thought to be threatened or near threatened, and many more are too poorly-studied to be reliably assessed.

Our Specialist Group receives small grants to cover some of our running costs, however, much of what we are able to achieve is thanks to the voluntary time of our core team and members. We are always on the look out for support from individuals, businesses, and grant-making bodies. If you think that you can provide support to study and conserve amazing small mammals, then we would love to hear from you.

Donations to the Small Mammal Specialist Group help us to:

Compile data and build collaborations to assess and monitor the status of 2,800+ small mammal species
Support researchers and conservationists around the world in developing and implementing small mammal projects
Share knowledge and raise the profile of rodents, eulipotyphlans and tree-shrews

If you are particularly interested in providing funds for specific regions, specific species, core costs, internships, meetings or more, we would love to work with you to create a bespoke support package.

Our funds are received and administered by the UK-registered charity Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Donations from the US can also be received through the American Friends of Durrell.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is a Registered Charity with the Jersey Charity Commissioner, registered charity number: 1. Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust – UK is registered in England and Wales, registered charity number: 1121989. American Friends of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Inc. is recognized as a nonprofit organisation by the Internal Revenue Service, IRS Code 501(c)(3): Tax Identification Number 46-1717077.
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